Common mistakes while using Happn Dating App.

By | January 7, 2018

Common mistakes while using Happn Dating App: Happn is an amazing match making app that will let you find contacts nearby based on Geo target location. Best part about Geo target matching is you can contact your hot neighbor or person sitting in next or same building. But many times people complain that Happn is not working for them as expected or How to avoid Happn charm got rejected? A number of us know that dating applications could function to our distinct advantage if we use them correctly– and they can be extremely discouraging if we don’t discover the tricks of the profession, as it were. And also, Happn is GPS-based, so your potential suits are people you’ve literally crossed courses with, that makes it possible to get in touch with others in a completely different way in comparison to applications such as Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and the like.

Common mistakes while using Happn Dating App

Common mistakes while using Happn Dating App

Well, no one could guarantee you but still I tried to add few points based on reviews about people who have actually scored and also what Marie Cosnard, Happn’s head of team with Happn want’s to say.

Not Making The First Step: If you’re seeking for someone remember you’re on a dating app, so you have nothing to shed. So connect to somebody that looks smart/cute/interesting/ charming, as well as see what happens. If you relax awaiting somebody to ping you first, you may be awaiting a long time.

Try to keep yourself updated: Keep it as much as day– I do not intend to see a photo of you from 2010, you can have swollen to the dimension of a residence, colored your hair purple or lost all your teeth since then. Keep it to the last 18 months this looks natural and shows that you really take care of yourself.

Concerns about any security issues: It seems quite common. A GPS based dating app could invite stalkers or could raise safety concerns. But as per Happn developer team “When you are in close distance to one more individual, we keep in mind that ‘You are less than 800 feet’– it’s a distance, as well as your precise location is never ever flagged on our static in-app map. It is merely difficult to track one more customer’s whereabouts.” So another user cannot appear in real time and find you– necessarily.

avoid Happn charm rejected

Avoid showing your cheesy nature in one go: Oversharing in an Initial Message Keep the cheese-factor to a minimum. But also at other end avoid starting with one word like Hi or Hello.

Short But nice introduction of yourself: If you typically aren’t intriguing or creative enough to create anything after that just what are your social skills going to be like! It could be 10 words that describe you as well as exactly what you such as to do but simply put something.

Try to express yourself in limited pictures: Show a few of your leisure activities, tasks you love or you in various settings. Have some pics of yourself indulge in your hobby or favorite past time. But make sure to limit yourself or it feels little geeky in nature.

That’s all for now. Above few points are some Common mistakes while using Happn Dating App to avoid. If you are using Happn dating and want to share your experience feel free to share with us.

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